Current Goals for the Public Engagement Program:

- Unite U.S.A & Africa Partnership.

- Provide Global Awareness of Africa Issues.

- Engaging African leaders for democracy and good governance.

- Helping Africans living in the U.S.A to have a successful integration and education.

Public Engagement Program

The 2015 Computer Project was a success! Children and adults from the Togolese community were given the opportunity to learn how to operate a computer. For many of them, it was the first time seeing a computer and their excitement was evident! Africaphilantropies continually strives to bring modern technology to the developing country of Togo!

health and welfare

clean water


Current Goals for Health and Welfare:

​- Provide Medicine.

​- Provide Materials and Equipment.

- Provide Electricity for Health Centers.

​- Provide Refrigeration for Citizen Medications.

​- Sponsored a Doctor to train at DAY KIMBALL HOSPITAL

In 2011, AFRICAPHILANTROPIES teamed up with DAY KIMBALL HOSPITAL to install and implement mammogram and ultra sound machines for the citizens of Togo.

Current Goals for Clean Water:

- Continue to Build Water Pumps.

- Increase sanitation awareness.

- Decrease waterborne diseases.

- Provide a clean water source near the homes.

In 2012, AFRICAPHILANTROPIES funded a Water Pump for the people in Togo to enable them a clean drinking source.​

ACRICAPHILANTROPIES is now building a High School in Togo.

Current Goals For Education: 

 - Build an elementary school.

 - Provide classroom materials for the schools.

 - Provide school supplies to students.

 - Promote educational awareness.

​In 2015, AFRICAPHILANTROPIES opened a new Elementary School in Togo.