Africphilantropies inc. thanks its heroes

​​Go Falcons!
The Robert E. Fitch High  School Humanitarian club is raising funds to sponsor two solar panels for Togo through
Africaphilantropies, Inc.  With this generous donation, the Fitch Humanitarian Club and the Fitch High School community will enable two families to have lights in their homes, which will permit their children to also complete their nightly school homework in clarity.
Africaphilantropies  thanks the staff and students involved in this projects. They are our Heroes!!

Mr. David Bridges and Mr. David Moore joined forces to provide a ZATOLEIL Solar Energy unit to a family in Togo. With light in the house, children will be able to study and do better in school!

You both are true heroes!   

David Bridges friends, Butsu (Brown) and Tango (White), watch as Africaphilantropies changes the world!

Accompanied by Innovative-Diffusion's CTO, David Oyanadel, Africaphilantropies receives a generous donation from the Robert E. Fitch High School.

Accessible electricity is rare in most parts of Africa. With your help and sponsorship, students can perform better in school, families can have a safe lighting system, and the region can become a better place.

​Interested in illuminating someone's world?

Left : David Bridges, an English Teacher, New London High School, CT. He is a permanent supporter of Africaphilantropies
Right: David Moore, an English Teacher, Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School, New London, CT. He is a permanent supporter of