​​Partnering with INNOVATIVE-DIFFUSION has allowed AFRICAPHILANTROPIES to bring sustainable solar energy to regions where electricity is a dream.


Education, clean water, health care, and accessibility to electricity are among the challenges Africaphilantropies set out to overcome. 



 Kara Field Office - Togo 2016



Our story

Mrs. Leonille M. Kadambaya, M.A.  (born in Rwanda, Central Africa) and Mr. Kadambaya M.A, M.S.E.E, 6th Year (born in Togo, West Africa) have a strong belief that Africa’s problems must be tackled from the grass roots and by giving opportunities and hope to children through Health and Education. Mrs. and Mr. Kadambaya traveled to Togo and Rwanda to assess the current situation of health and education in the rural places. Mrs. and Mr. Kadambaya made a commitment to give back to Africa and their mission starts with their non-profit, AFRICAPHILANTROPIES 501 (c)(3).


founders have been recognized

for their leadership, teaching,   community outreach, AND ethical behavior.